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We are the Workers' Company. Working since the beginning of January 1992. The motivation for us to create the Company were the words of then-President Lech Walesa - "Take matters into your own hands."

We are one of the largest manufacturers of systems for archival collections in Poland, recognized and appreciated for many years in the country. Priority of our activity is the production of metal furniture to store all kinds of documents. Our main products are racking driving, often referred to as: racking, shelving, mobile shelving compact and stationary shelving for archives, libraries and museums. In this industry, we are a leading Polish manufacturer that has a stable and well-established position in the domestic market.

In 2005, we purchased a first-class CNC machines, and a year later - lines for cutting longitudinal and transverse plates of the vertebrae. In 2013 purchased a laser cutter based on an innovative fiber-optic technology and production hall with a modern powder painting line. This significantly expanded and increased the production capacity of the company.

Sliding racks are wide audience in a variety of public and private institutions, both at home and abroad - where it counts the functional and organized archiving system.

In addition to the production of mobile shelving also specialize in the production of other metal products such as racks for paintings, museum shelving, racks, sliding into the locker room, Filing cabinets, lockers mapping, filing cabinets, cupboards safety, school lockers and bedside lockers.

The company offers its clients a comprehensive service, providing assistance for all stages of implementation ranging from room inventory, project execution planning bookshelves, through production, delivery, installation racks until after exercising warranty service.

We follow the changes, looking for new products, technology, design, ideas and solutions. Based on experienced and professional engineering staff - technical, depending on the individual needs of customers, we design and produce special orders, taking into account their expectations of those defined and undefined.

Through all the years of presence in the enterprise market leads consistent actions aimed at improving the quality of our products and services. Particular emphasis was placed on investment in modern machinery.

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