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Nowadays, many archives and libraries deal with a problem concerning collecting document archives. It results from the fact that there is not enough space for document storage and, what is more, that the number of the documents and archive supplies is constantly increasing.

The perfect solution to the above problem is providing archives, libraries and offices with movable racks, also called a compact shelving.

The dimensions of the racks are customized to the requirements of our customers. We also offer different types of racks:

  • two-sided movable racks
  • one-sided movable racks
  • movable racks with open shelves
  • movable racks with shutter shelves or moving doors

Movable racks are based on a frame which guarantees rigidity and durability; the body of racks and shelves is made of sheet metal. Racks consist of elements which do not have any sharp edges. Additionally, they are powder coated and painted the colour chosen by a customer.

Two-sided movable racks are constructed with either a partition wall or reinforcement, and resistance slats at the back which prevent the documents from moving to the other side of the rack.

Movable racks change their position thanks to a three-arm knob placed at the front wall of the rack. All movable racks are equipped with a blocking mechanism which is to prevent racks from any accidental slides. Should one wish, the racks might be equipped with locks. What is more, they also have door stops which prevent a worker from the accidental crushing.

All compact parts of the power transmission system are situated on the insulated antifriction bearings. That is why, all mechanisms may work for many years without any restoration.

Our movable racks are equipped with a special plate made of plastic or sheet metal where one can put the description of the document collection being stored in the rack.

If you look for any detailed information concerning the dimensions of our movable racks, you will find it in the section including the technical information about our products.




We produce several types of tracks, on which our movable racks rest:

  • tracks installed in a floor

  • tracks fixed to the surface of the floor, which stick out from the floor by about 12 mm

  • tracks fixed to the surface of the floor together with a two-sided crossover

  • tracks fixed to the surface of the floor with the space between the tracks filled with the floor made of chipboard

The presented tracks are made of zinc coated steel, stainless steel as well as ultraluminium.

The base of movable rack

The construction of movable racks rests on the frame which counts 70 – 140 mm of height. The frame is made of special profiles. There are drive wheels installed in this frame which are located on an antifriction bearing. Drive wheels may be made of steel, cast-iron or light alloys.


The chain and crank drive of movable racks

Racks move thanks to a three-arm knob which ends with handles turning around independently from the knob. Handles are made of strong plastic which prevents your hand from slipping while turning the knob. In the central part of the knob there is a blocking button which stops the rack in any place on the track. Racks are additionally protected from getting stuck.


The body of racks

The side walls of racks are made of steel sheet metal. They are adjusted to the height and width of racks. The walls have two rows of holes every 15-20 mm. They allow for fixing the shelves in an appropriate place. Our racks consist of, among others, single side walls or side walls of post and beam construction whose strength is their important quality.


The back walls of racks are mainly constructed in the form of either a cross bracing or a partition wall. It is to give rigidity to the whole construction.


The shelves of racks are made of steel sheet metal. Thanks to the special easily dismantled catches, you can fix the shelves in the racks without any difficulty. The element which prevents the documents from moving to the other shelf is an easily dismantled metal slat counting 30 mm of height. Our shelves are available in many different dimensions.

Dimension Symbol Description
Length of a shelf l from 20 cm to 120 cm or more
Width of a shelf s from 20 cm to 60 cm
Vertical intervals h discretionary
Height of a rack H up to 3 m
Maximum load kg/mb up to 120 kg depending on the construction
  • on the catches with the opportunity to change their position every 3 or 1.5 cm
  • with screws in fixed intervals
partition walls full or cross bracing




Colouring and painting

The surface of all rack parts is carefully prepared before painting through washing, degreasing and phosphate coating. After a thorough drying, all parts are painted the colour chosen by our customer using the powder coating method. Paints used for colouring movable racks are wear resistant. At the same time, they are also harmless to the health and environment friendly.


Safety regulations

  • All movable racks are equipped with a blocking mechanism which is to prevent racks from any accidental slides.

  • Movable racks have door stops which prevent your hand from the accidental crushing.

  • Racks consist of elements which do not have any sharp edges.

  • Movable racks are protected against leaning and falling.

  • Tracks are constructed in such a way that they prevent the racks from jumping the track.



Dimensions of a room: 7,4 x 4,2 m (ca 30 m2)
Nominal capacity of racks: 20 000 copies 
Vertical interval between shelves: 27 cm
Height of racks: 200 cm




the total number of shelves

the total length of shelves (mb)





















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