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Products Movable racks for pictures

In order to meet the needs of museums and galeries, we produce special racks used for storing pictures, maps and any kind of exhibits.

Racks used for storing the above collections are made in two types in accordance with the customer's needs. These types are: movable racks and pull-out shelves.

Movable racks for storing maps and pictures

Movable racks move along the tracks which are fixed either directly to the floor or with an additional floor between them. The supporting structure of a movable rack has a welded netting installed in it.

The whole structure rests on the frame with the power transmission system. The drive constitutes the chain mechanism with a three-arm knob, gearing system, drive shaft and gear wheel. The knob is made of resistant material.

Museum archives are placed on the netting installed in the rack on some special catches.

Pull-out shelves for storing maps and pictures

Pull-out shelves are intended for storing the collections in a hanging vertical position. They consist of metal frames which are pulled out horizontally on the guide rails.

Operating the shelves is in no way problematic, for they are equipped with guide rails installed in the upper and lower part of a segment. The access to the contents of a shelf is possible by drawing a particular segment using a special catch.

Shelves are designed individually in order to meet the individual requirements of a customer. Their main advantage is the fact that they fully use the space available when each picture is easily accessible at the same time.

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