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Our next product are stationary shelves, which are intended for providing archives, libraries, offices and repositories of documents.

We offer stationary shelves of various dimensions. We make several different types of them. The types depend on the purpose of a shelf and they are as follows:

regały biblioteczne

This is a light structure whose main parts are shelves and side walls. Its stability is maintained thanks to special braces which are affixed to the axle of a shelf. Every shelf is attached to the construction on the catches, but there is the possibility to adjust the shelf by 20 - 50 mm

Shelves are equipped with cleats which prevent documents from moving to the other side of the shelf. Depending on customers' needs, we may also provide some additional accessories, such as a dividing wall, which might be either put on a shelf or hung, plates with descriptions installed on a side wall or, if necessary, on every shelf.

The front wall is made of a sheet metal and it may be painted the same colour as the shelf or any other colour chosen by a customer.


  • archival shelving

The shelves are intended for storing the collections of a bigger size. The base and the body of the shelf are built similarly to movable racks, but they do not have movable mechanisms. Archival shelves can be one- or two-sided. They are constructed with either a partition wall or reinforcement, and resistance slats at the back which prevent the documents from moving to the other side of the rack. This type of shelves is used mainly to supplement movable racks.


  • warehouse shelving

A durable and stable structure of the shelf is made from perforated angle plates and the profiles which have a number of holes. Thanks to these holes, shelves are fixed at an appropriate height using screw fastening. The maximum load of shelves may reach even 150 kg/1 mb. Warehouse shelves are intended for storing any kinds of documents as well as other goods.


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